Review: “Furiously Happy”

Review: Furiously Happy

Katrina Springs, Staff Writer

“Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things” by Jenny Lawson isn’t the average, sappy book about depression.  It’s inspiring, honest and most of all, funny.

Lawson writes first hand what it’s like to live with depression and not go completely crazy.  

Lawson gives situations that might be draining a funny, sarcastic twist.  Making everyone, including herself laugh. Like her common restless nights; she gets her cats and saddles her taxidermied raccoon on them like he’s riding a horse.  

In her book, Lawson has a Note from the Author section. In this part of her book she talks about when sufferers of depression fight and recover, it’s never known and that those sufferers are in the dark; never given a badge of bravery.  She pushes her readers to continue their fight, that she’s proud and celebrates them.

Most of all, what made the book for me is that Lawson is 100 percent honest and doesn’t apologize about it.  Things that people never talk about, she writes in a book that is now on The New York Times bestseller list.

Even if one doesn’t have have a diagnosed mental illness, all readers can relate to the book because life isn’t perfect. Life has flaws, many of them. Lawson just knows how to put them in words.