Opinion: The Importance of Voting

Opinion: The Importance of Voting

Claire Gilliland, Opinion Editor

Since 2016 is an election year, it seems like we’ve been hearing about presidential candidates for a long time. We have rolled our eyes many Trump speeches and kind of ignored who was still in the race on the Republican side and who had dropped out.  

Now, however, things are starting to get serious.  Iowa’s caucus started the country’s primaries and caucuses to narrow down the presidential candidates to one for the Democrats and one for the Republicans.  Though many may not think so, primaries are important. They determine who the two leading candidates will be in the actual election, and if there is a candidate you want to see as president then you have to make sure that he or she makes it to the November elections.  When we reflect on 2012’s elections we only really remember Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, the two candidates who won the primaries. We can only vote for candidates who win the primaries, and so they really are more important than any may think.

I encourage everyone over eighteen to register to vote before May 23 so that you can vote in the primaries on June 7 and then the elections on November 8.  You can find voter registration applications in places like the post office and the DMV and send them to the county elections office to be registered.  This may seem like a hassle, but voting is really important — your vote counts.  

Before you decide to just ignore the primaries and maybe even the general election, think about this decision — do you really want someone like Donald Trump running the country?  You should do everything in your power to get a person who will help our country as the next president; it’s your obligation as an adult citizen.  

As California’s elections draw nearer, I implore you to pay attention and, but May, be ready to make an informed decision about the next presidential candidate based on who you think would help you and your country the most.  After all, unless you move out of the country, you will be stuck with this person for at least another four years — it better be someone you can tolerate.