Sports: Puppy Bowl


Katrina Springs, Staff Writer

Why watch Super Bowl 50 when the cutest competition is on? Puppy Bowl XII!

Adoptable cute canines are divided in two teams, Fluff and returning champions Ruff and although they’re running around a football theme play area and fighting for toys, the only goal of the Puppy Bowl is to melt the hearts of viewers everywhere.

The puppies aren’t the only star of the show, the half time show is all about the kitten and the chicken cheerleaders that squawk the dogs on in excitement.

The Puppy Bowl is filled with cuteness but also an  important message, to adopt every kind animals in shelters, especially the older animals. Puppy Bowl XII MVP was rookie 20-week old Labrador mix, Chow Chow.

Watching puppies run around and tackle each other for toys is a great way to raise awareness for sheltered animals.