Review: Pho Lucky

Jasmine Frando, Opinion Editor

Normally on a Sunday after church, my family and I eat out and this week, we decided to try something new. My brother recommended Pho Lucky because he and his friends eat there often and apparently, the food is pretty good. The restaurant is located about a mile down from Costco and the size of the building was pretty small. Upon entering the restaurant, many people and different smells filled my senses. The interior was quite colorful and it was connected with the restaurant next door, making the room seem bigger than the exterior had made it.

Compared to other Chinese restaurants, such as Dynasty, the wait for a table did not take awhile. A waiter came up to my family and asked how many for a table. He then led us to a table near the window and gave us menus. The food provided included many types of soups, also known as pho, spring rolls, vietnamese sandwiches, and dishes with rice and any meat of your choice. The pho my parents and brother ordered came within five minutes, however, the rice and meat I ordered came about 10 minutes later. The restaurant also provided any flavor of tea if ordered and also offered the choice of including boba or not. Tea with boba charged about one dollar more opposed to none.

Overall, the food the restaurant served was pretty good, about a seven out of ten. I still have yet to order the pho, which I may do the next time I visit the restaurant. Customer service wasn’t that great, mainly because the waiters were quite rude while my family and I ordered. However, that can be overlooked upon tasting the food. The restaurant on a scale of one to ten, in my opinion, is an eight and a half. If you’re interested in Vietnamese food or would like to try it, I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

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