Is homeschooling more beneficial?

Is homeschooling more beneficial?

Andrea Castro, Staff Writer

As technology industries have been coming out with more products such as tablets and chromebooks, it allows more opportunity for students to take up homeschooling.  Homeschooling is a more flexible way for students to learn about subjects.  Many students who travel tend to participate in homeschooling, as well as students with busy schedules.

However there are many reasons for homeschooling to take place: physical/ mental health problems, religious beliefs, instruction quality, school environment, etc.  Many parents have started to question school’s curriculum and have concluded that perhaps it would be better for them to teach their kids or for their kids to do a more advanced online school.  

Another reason why homeschooling can be beneficial is it allows kids to stay away from the “bad” kids at school; the ones involved in drugs and alcohol and have the ability to pressure others around them to be like them.  It is also safer at home for children, rather than being in an environment where a shooter or killer can come in, at home there is better supervision and security.  

Homeschoolers also tend to understand the curriculum they are learning much better than public schoolers, and are generally seven years ahead of public school children in reasoning skills.  

Many homeschooling programs also offer early graduation, which enables kids to get degrees faster.  It is also been said that homeschoolers get into college easier, some colleges even specifically look for students who were homeschooled to recruit.  

Most people who are against homeschooling say that it’s bad for social development in children, because they just simply spend their time at home.  However, they tend to look past the fact that the issue can very easily be solved.  A group of homeschooling students can form study groups and meet up once a week to hang out.  Not to mention the fact that homeschoolers still have the ability to make plans with their friends; they are not in a prison they are just at home so they still have freedom and opportunities to have fun and be social.  Another positive is that many homeschooling programs offer field trips for groups of online students.

Online school can also enable kids to have more time available for other activities such as music, dance, or art lessons and sports.  This results in not only a “student” but a student who has a wide range in learning different things and who is more advanced.  Also students who homeschool can still take place in public school sports, clubs, and contests.  

Over the years homeschooling has become more widely accepted, and is a reliable and more flexible way to educate kids.  To the people who argue that homeschooling is bad for social development, they should know one thing: homeschoolers are still in the real world just like everyone else.  Still, it is understandable that homeschooling is not for every body, but it is beneficial to the students who take advantage of it.