Sports Madness: 2/15

Cody Evans, Staff Writer

When valuable players on professional sports teams are injured there is often an intense amount of pressure on their shoulders to make a quick “recovery” therefore some athletes fulfill only their minimum recovery requirements which can both hinder a full recovery and delay future recovery times.

Professional sports leagues, namely the NFL, are renowned for their ability to ignore serious health problems in their players (no need to highlight the condition of Mike Webster’s brain after his autopsy). Concussions can lead to dementia, broken bones can support osteoporosis, and hard blows to the chest area can lead to heart problems and palpitations. Professional leagues need to make sure their players are being properly treated and that they do not pressure their players to resume performing before they are fully able.

A fine line must be established between making money and defiling a player’s health. Professional sporting leagues repeatedly display blatant disregard for their players, so long as the league’s cash flow remains at a disgustingly overzealous rate, and those who stand in their way such as Dr. Bennet Omalu are shrugged off as pests.

When will money be held below general human welfare? Without players sports leagues have no real value. Leagues should be fully dedicated to the advancement of their players, and such a phenomena seems disturbingly absent from the world of professional sports.