Review: Breadfruit Tree

Sophie Gilliland, Opinion Editor

My family has loved going to the Breadfruit Tree for years. It used to only be open in the summer, but now it’s only closed for a few months in the winter and it opened again on February second. The Breadfruit Tree combines the flavors of the Caribbean and is located on the Delta. In the summer you can sit outside and enjoy the water or you can sit inside and enjoy the reggae and the murals of Caribbean life on the walls.

They serve a small salad to you before your food comes. The salad doesn’t seem like it would be very exciting, but it is. The dressing is sweet, it has salty crackers that add a crunch to it, and some spice that adds a little more flavor to it. The most basic dish they have is peleau. The peleau is rice with vegetables and your choice of either chicken, seafood, combination or vegetarian. My sister got the seafood peleau which was $12.95. My mom got a dish called homard  which was lobster with pasta for $17.95 and she said it was the best lobster she had had in a long time. I got the sweet chili fish for $16.95 and the fish was super tender and tasted great. The desserts at Breadfruit Tree can sell out quickly so we ordered chocolate bread pudding as soon as possible. It was only $5.95 and had banana bread with ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was a perfect end to a delicious meal.

My family always has leftovers when we go to the Breadfruit Tree and we’re always happy with what we got. The restaurant is small and usually full so the few servers are always busy, but it’s easy to get their attention and you usually don’t have to wait long for your food. In the summer they start to have more events like live reggae and international guests. If you’re looking for an unusual meal that is definitely worth what you pay, the Breadfruit Tree is one of the best places in Stockton.

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