Opinion: Delta

Opinion: Delta

Katrina Springs, Staff Writer

Since the first day of freshman year, college is stuffed down students throats.  As we press on and continue our high high school experience, the pressure builds.

I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t going to be headed off to a four year college.  As many other students continue on and apply for state schools and universities, I felt an overwhelming amount of embarrassment. I was bounded to go to Delta.

Comments like “Oh well that’s good, at least you’re going to a community college” was a lot of fellow students and teachers expressed when talking about my future plans.  

I felt judged. I was trying to get an affordable higher education because I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to afford what I actually wanted and what I knew was better for me.

When acceptance letters started to come in, jealousy had appeared. Enving my peers that were handed, as I saw, a golden golden ticket out of Stockton and getting the college experience; growing up, discovering oneself and being responsible.

As senior year slowly goes by, I worry about my future education. But, Delta is a great place to get affordable education.