Opinion: Fox News debate on 3/3


Jessica Machado, Staff Writer

As I sat and watched the Fox News debate on March 3, I listened to three men argue back and forth like children on a school yard. The exchanged blows of childish insults and name calling. The debate showed the true colors of each Republican candidate, and I did not like what I saw.

At one point in the debate, Senator Marco Rubio and businessman Donald J. Trump exchanged insults about each other’s genitals. Rubio had made the innuendo that Trump’s “small hands” correlated to another part of his body. Trump fired back, saying that there was nothing small about him.

“I guarantee you,” Trump said subtly, “there is no problem. I guarantee you.”

Senator Ted Cruz repeatedly attacked Trump’s conservative values, pointing out that Trump had made several contributions to the Democratic party. Trump had written several checks to Hillary Clinton, the Republicans biggest competition for the presidency, for her campaign in 2008. Trump responded by saying that all the money he contributed to Clinton as well as the Democratic party as a whole was strictly business, noting that he also made contributions to Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Cruz and Rubio continued their assault on Trump by pointing out his hesitation to condemn the Klu Klux Klan, catering to Republicans’ fear that Trump will tarnish the party.

Though, in Trump’s defense, I must say that it was wrong of him to condemn the KKK anyway. He felt the pressure by voters and their political correctness to do so, so he decided that it was the right thing to do, hence his hesitation. In no way do I support the KKK or any of its values or beliefs, but as Americans we have the right to believe and say what we want to. As Americans we have the right to form parties and groups that have the same values and beliefs. In no way, shape, or form is it right for any presidential candidate, or anyone in general, to disavow a group of people because it conflicts with your or your parties views.

The Republican party’s disgust with Trump was shown through Cruz’s and Rubio’s endorsement of Mitt Romney’s plan to take down Trump earlier that week. Romney called Trump a “phoney” and a “fraud” who had to be stopped from getting the nomination. As always, Trump wittily came back from the threat by insulting Romney’s efforts to win the presidency back in 2012.

“He was a failed candidate,” Trump said. “He should have beaten President Obama very easy.”

Then, the light showed through the dark clouds of the debate: John Kasich spoke. The only man on the stage explained what he was going to do for this country, particularly how he would fix our economy, instead of engaging in the childish banter that was going on not three feet to the right of him. Kasich’s credentials and experience is impressive and gives me hope that he can fix our economy. He has proven that his plan works by implementing it in Ohio, which created over 400,000 jobs there.

Kasich is the only adult of the Republican presidential candidates and is more than qualified to do the job and do it well. He did not stoop down to the other candidates’ level and participate in the name calling and talking about the size of his genitalia; he outlined his plan to save the American economy and our country as a whole. He is the only candidate who is mature enough and experienced enough to take on the presidency for the Republicans and fight and win against Hillary Clinton. Hopefully, Kasich will win more states in the months to come in the primaries for the Republicans.