Clubs on Campus: JCKC

Samantha Wahler, Staff Writer

JCKC been going out all year round trying to get everything ready for there big day on March 4. They been pushing the limit trying to get four dances in a short amount of time. Practices after practice, getting thing done. The girls and boys are so trying too get the movs down in rain and heat to make everyone happy the rally. Fear is going through the club as new move are being added or move are being take out time is getting cut short for them. One thing is they treat each other like family. Between the dancing there are joking being made and good times. Also they all push each other too. JCKC is a great club to be in you don’t have to come in with a friend but you will leave with a lot friends. They crushed the rally with there out standing dancing. Can’t wait till next year to see what they are going to do.