Review: God’s Not Dead 2

Review: Gods Not Dead 2

McKenzie Barrow, Staff Writer

God’s Not Dead 2 is  (according to Google) the eighth movie released by Pure Flix Entertainment, a Christian production company. And as with in any shamelessly Christian film, it shamelessly throws in Bible verses. But then again aren’t Christians supposed to be shameless with their faith?

Now before you dismiss the movie because it’s shamelessly a Christian film, note that it raises some good questions about the whole “separation of church and state” and tolerance. Though the movie does argue the existence and crucifixion of Jesus, it doesn’t argue his coming back to life again (which is a bit odd for a Christian film). It instead focuses on the courage and conviction of Christians of a few Christians.

God’s Not Dead 2 follows the story of case of Ms.Grace Wesley, the fictitious eleventh grade AP history teacher who takes care of her grandfather, after she quotes the words of Jesus found in  the Matthew 5:43-44 in response to a question posed by a student, Brooke Thawley. Ms. Wesley is a Christian and thus is refuses to apologize for her statement as she feels she did nothing wrong. It’s the atheist parents of Brooke Thawley, a budding Christian, who take her to court.

The movie has a few subplots like that of a blogger who after her prayer has been answered and her cancer is gone she finds herself questioning her new found faith in God, that relates to part one of the movie. So my suggestion is to watch the first one before going to see the movie, but I assume (and yes I know the risk I take with assuming) that you can still follow along even if you don’t. All in all it’s a good movie about faith and tolerance.