Opinion: 2016 Election Memes

Sophie Gilliland, Opinion Editor

Everyone knows it, the 2016 presidential election is turning into a joke.  With candidates dropping like flies, the United States is left with only four candidates and all of them have a few pros, but many cons.

Trump is the new Hitler, yet is still getting votes and is the leading Republican candidate. Sanders has some young supporters, but some say he is a socialist with too little voters to win. Clinton and Cruz are being mocked online (maybe Cruz is the zodiac killer!).

Clinton and Sanders are being pitted against each other with memes depicting Sanders as a ‘hip guy’ in tune with today’s teens and Clinton as someone desperately trying to gain the support (or even friendship) of the American youth.  It was thought Clinton called Sanders unqualified so Sanders fought back with the same complaint, but Clinton never actually called him unqualified. Nothing makes better politics and presidents than he said, she said!  Instead of focusing on trying to get votes from people unsure, they seem to be trying to steal each other’s votes which I don’t think is a good strategy when running against someone as scary as Donald Trump.

The Republican candidates are pretty scary.  People don’t mind Cruz as much, but they either hate Trump or love him.  Everyone thought Trump was a joke at first and now people are horrified to see that he is actually getting votes.  I can deal with Cruz being president, but if Trump wins America will not be great again.

Sure, making jokes is a good way to distract from the disaster that is the 2016 presidential candidates, but if we don’t want to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico people need to start taking the election seriously.  The memes aren’t going to help you if Trump gets elected.  Actually consider what the candidates offer and try to care about the future of the country and fellow American citizens.  If you can’t do that, care about yourself and vote for the candidate that offers you the chance at the best life you can have.