New cheer coach changes cheerleader uniform

Andrea Castro, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that Bear Creek has taken in a new member of the staff family; competitive cheer coach Britany White.  With the new cheer coach comes many new changes to the team, not only has practice changed, but also the new cheerleading uniforms.  

“The whole uniform has changed entirely,” junior Alana Alberanno said.  “There’s a new style, new lettering, new design, it’s all different.”

Bear Creek’s cheerleading uniforms changed previous years, but only slight changes that are unnoticeable.  The new design of the uniforms is simple, and is plainer than past years.  However, with new uniforms comes new prices as well.  

“I paid $576.83 for this year’s uniform,” sophomore Alyssa Tadena said.  “I personally feel that it is unfair because this is my third time purchasing a new uniform.  I understand that the new coach wants to start fresh with new uniforms, but a majority of varsity are returners who already bought uniforms for last year and the year before.”  

According to cheerleaders, though, people on the team are not required to buy the new uniforms if they don’t have the money.  People who choose not to purchase a new uniform are issued a used jersey and spandex by the school.  Some previous cheerleaders also plan on just reusing their old uniforms rather than buying new ones.

The new uniforms aren’t the only changes that are taking place on the cheer team, according to cheerleaders there are plenty more adjustments taking place.  Cheerleaders now have to run three-to-five miles for practices and warmups before games.  Conditioning will be the type that competitive cheerleaders do.  Fitness tests are also going to be given to cheerleaders who make the team, which determines whether or not cheerleaders can start stunting practice right away

“I think that the new cheer coach will take the Bear Creek cheer team to a new higher level,” Alberanno said.  

Coach Britany White in her past coached a competitive cheer team, so it is no surprise that she is trying to take Bear Creek to a competitive level.  

“We are going to an away camp this year instead of the company that usually comes to Bear creek and the new coach wants to try doing competition by sending us to nationals,” freshman Victoria Lopez said.  “I really like the new coach and I think we’re going to be getting into really good shape this year, which overall helps the team with stunts to make us stronger.”

This year, everyone is required to try out for the team, and previous cheerleaders aren’t exempt from the rule.  So far, next year’s cheerleading team has 20 people on JV and 20 people on varsity.

So what do the Bear Creek’s cheerleaders think about all of these new changes, such as the new uniforms and new coach?

“I like last years uniforms more, but they aren’t really better just something different,”freshmen Olivia Castillo said.  “Last year the team was more relaxed and laid back, and this next year is going to be more of a challenge and that’s a good thing.  The new coach is going to keep us more active and fit,she’s a cheerleader too so she will also be participating in the warmups with us.  We are all looking forward to this new year with coach Britany.”