Review: Azusa Street Revival

Andrea Castro, Staff Writer

Saturday April 9th, over, 100,000 were joined together in the Los Angeles Coliseum for an rememberance of the Azusa Street Revival that happened in 1906.  Lead by Lou Engle, Azusa now enabled tens of thousands of God’s people to join together in fasting and prayer in hopes of revival.

Parking lots opened as early as three a.m. and the event started at 7:30 and went on until 10:30 p.m.  For a total of 15 hours, people from all across the globe filled the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  

For the first hour of the event, six different Korean pastors led the people in powerful prayer, and expressed their gratitude to the Americans for sending missionaries to Korea which allowed them to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Other prayer leaders from around the world also made their way up to the stage and spoke prayers over the crowd in their native languages.

There was a time dedicated to praying for miraculous healings to take place, and those healings were delivered.  Multiple people were healed; one man got out of a wheel chair and walked, veterans who had hearing loss had regained all of their hearing, and blind eyes were opened again.

The day was filled with prophetic words being spoken over several individuals, and The Holy Spirit roamed freely.  All throughout the day, christian artists joined on stage for a powerful worship session.  Lindy  Conant led the worship session with her strengthening songs “Take Courage”, “Isaiah 6”, and “Great Expectation”.  Afterwards Eddie James pumped up the crowd with his songs “The Name of Jesus is Lifted High” and “House of Prayer”.  

Bethel Redding also made a huge appearance, with Kalley heiligenthal, Steffany Gretzinger, and William Matthews singing their spirit led songs of worship for the last two hours of the night.  They performed songs such as “Shine On Us”,  “Mercy”,  “King of My Heart”,  Spirit Move”, and “Ever Be”.  

Multiple Pastors came to preach the good news of the Gospel throughout the event.  Pastors like Lou Egle, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Daniel Kolenda,  Shawn Bolz, and groups like  Jesus Culture and Bethel were all present at the event.  

At the event there were moments of reconciliation with Native Americans, African Americans, and others.  A time was dedicated to Hispanic worship and prayer.  

The move didn’t stop there, the next day people went out on their own time and took revival out to the streets where the actual Azusa house was located it.  There, people were prayer fore, the young generation was lifted up, deliverances took place, and worship sessions occurred.  There was also revival happening in Washington D.C at the Lincoln memorial and Azusa Now connected with them so that there could be a United prayer session.  

Azusa Now truly brought together members of every race and nationality, and re-united God’s children together again without facing racial discrimination or segregation.  

Azusa Now was broadcasted live on God T.V. and is available for everyone to watch.