Senior and one other wounded by shooting at party

Aidan Backus, Editor-in-Chief

A party attended by many Bear Creek seniors turned bloody when a gunman arrived and opened fire.

Senior Tran Ngo decided to host the party the night of Friday, May 13 — it was merely meant to be a fun get-together. But around midnight, it was clear that the party was anything but fun: a man approached Ngo’s house and fired three warning shots.

“We first heard shots and we didn’t really know if they were gunshots or not,” Ngo said. “I walked two feet out of my bedroom door and ran back inside because I got scared.”

The attacker began firing on another victim, who could not be identified, but was shot in the leg.

“I’d seen the gun pointed at the dude and there was a couple more shots bucking right at him,” senior Tevita Esau said. “So I moved out of the way and I look over, and the guy was screaming because he was shot.”

As partygoers scattered and fled, a bullet ricocheted and struck Ngo in the ear.

“We were going out the window calling 911, and I was dripping blood, but I felt fine,” she said.

Ngo was hospitalized for her injuries, which included a cracked skull.

However, her physical injuries were not severe and she was released six hours later.

“Everyone was surprised to see me smiling and saying hi, even with blood running down my face,” she said.

Administration and police began investigating immediately after the incident. However, Asst. Principal Allen Dosty was unable to comment on the shooting.

Though nobody was killed, the partygoers were visibly shaken.

“I went into the house [during the shooting] and went into the nearest room with Marcelo and Amanda and Andrea, and Andrea was crying and Marcelo was by the door, and I was repeating, ‘be quiet, be quiet’ because I didn’t want [the attacker] to hear it,” senior Aaron Soto said.

Understandably, Ngo and her family were shaken by the incident.

“After it happened, I didn’t go home for a week,” Ngo said. “I stayed at my friend’s house because I was so scared and paranoid. My sister slept in my room while I was gone because the bullets went through hers and she was scared.”

Anissa Ypon contributed to this article.