Pop-Culture in Perspective: Live action Disney films capture the magic

Pop-Culture in Perspective: Live action Disney films capture the magic

Natalia Gevara, Entertainment Editor

We grew up with the classic Disney movies that captivated both children and adults. Although Disney is without a doubt a powerhouse brand, the company has taken further steps to maximize the magic. Recently, Disney has remade many of these classics into live-action films to portray stories that are literally larger than life.

As children, most of us were terrified by the wicked ambience that radiated off of Maleficent in “Sleeping Beauty.” In 2014, Disney released the villain’s side of the story in the live-action “Maleficent.” Angelina Jolie brilliantly portrayed the antagonist, and the film offered an entirely new perspective of Maleficent, along with the allure of just seeing the story of “Sleeping Beauty” come to life.

“Maleficent” demonstrated the advantage of portraying classic Disney films in live-action: it offers another perspective of the stories for the viewers. Additionally, seeing the fantastical setting come to life has its own splendor that surmounts previous Disney achievements.

These fantastical settings can also be cited in the live-action “Cinderella.” Although “Cinderella” has had many live-action remakes in the past, the Disney version sets the bar high. Seeing the beloved characters come to life fulfills my childhood dreams of seeing them realistically, and the way the Fairy Godmother’s magic is portrayed is kind of mind-blowing. I mean, I think that this is the closest mankind will ever get to seeing a pumpkin be turned into a carriage.

Additionally, nearly every single film portrays magic of some sort, which gives movie-makers the chance to show off their special effect skills. The live-action “Alice in Wonderland” was a digital masterpiece, by illustrating Wonderland with magnificent effect sequences. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Special Effects, which goes to show that these live-action films have helped the art of movie making progress farther than it has in years.

Most recently, Disney released “The Jungle Book” in live-action mode. Audiences are able to see the beloved Mowgli in the flesh, interacting with the talking animals. Seeing the beloved Baloo befriend young Mowgli brings back childhood memories of watching the film for the first time. Additionally, King Louie is even more terrifying in live-action, as he kind of resembles King-Kong.

“The Jungle Book” is currently holding well in the box office, being the; third highest grossing film globally in theatres. The success is no surprise, as “Maleficent” made 758 million dollars in the US box office at the time of its release, and “Alice in Wonderland” is respectably the twenty-second highest grossing film of all time.

Noting the success of these films, Disney has released a list of future live-action films, including “Beauty and the Beast,” “Dumbo,” and “Cruella.” As someone who has enjoyed every single live-action film Disney has released, I’m not complaining about the line-up. If anything, it helps me relive my childhood, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one.