More than pigskin with Livingston

Darius Livingston, Sports Editor

Most basketball analysts agree that the greatest team to ever touch the court is the ’96 Chicago Bulls led by superstar Michael Jordan.

Jordan and the Bulls set a NBA record for most wins in a regular season with an overall record of 72 wins and 10 losses. The Bulls would finish that year as NBA Champions.

Fans, coaches and players thought that the tenacious record would stand for the rest of eternity. However, exactly two decades later, the ’16 Warriors completed the impossible.

Point guard Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors have overthrown the Bulls’ regular season game record with a total of 73 wins and 9 losses. Curry broke his own three-point record in a regular season, surpassing his previous record of 286 with a mind-blowing record of 402.

Many look to credit Steve Kerr’s coaching style for vamping the Warriors success, although former Warrior coach Mark Jackson led the team to the playoffs with 50 wins during the regular season in 2014.

However a recent article in “The New York Times” credits the statistical analysis of Silicon Valley’s finest for the exponential success of the Golden State Warriors.

Joe Lacob, majority owner of the Warriors and venture capitalist, did what any tech-savvy venture capitalist titan would do after taking over a new business: tear everything apart and start from scratch. Lacob needed to find a way to transform a disoriented franchise into a relevant, dynamic team, and against the odds, he predicted that the Warriors would be championship contenders within four short years after his acquisition of the team in 2011.

Lacob is not the first venture capitalist to acquire a franchise, but he is the first to integrate Silicon Valley’s principles into his ownership approach.

Instead of the conventional autocratic style of ownership most NBA CEO’s display, Lacob kept an open mind as he allowed the wisdom of fellow colleagues to influence his priorities.

In his first season as owner, Lacob hired Mark Jackson as head coach. The Warriors already drafted the one man show Stephen Curry, but it was not until Lacob complemented Curry with wingman Klay Thompson that the Warriors began to shine.

Equipped with two lethal three-point shooters, the Warriors were destined for glory in the high scoring offensive point scheme that Lacob envisioned.

Although Jackson drastically elevated the Warriors’ record and relevancy with a playoffs appearance for the second time in 18 years, Lacob felt the team needed to go in a different direction and hired Kerr, who ironically played on the historic ’96 Bulls team, led the Warriors to a championship in his first year as head coach in the 2014-2015 season.

The Warriors are currently battling against the Oklahoma City Thunder led by the relentless duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. OKC is currently ahead in the seven game series -1 after last night, however there is still a lot of ball left to play before Warriors are counted out.

The Warriors have had phenomenal success this year, but will their historic season be discredited if they can’t finish the season with a championship?