VOICES: Year-long maintenance needed on sports facilities

Bear Creek’s facilities have been improved and then damaged for many years and the issues with the sports fields are not limited to softball and baseball.

The school’s soccer field used to be very dangerous, as persistant holes in the field injured players. However, Bear Creek got a turf field after a long fight from parents when now-senior Mattie Mierkey broke her ankle. This is one of many injuries that occurred as a result of Bear Creek’s poor facilities, and this problem should be taken more seriously by the district.

This year the turf field replaced Bear Creek’s old football field and also became the home field for Bear Creek’s soccer teams. This turf field seemed like it would eliminate the risks of the grass fields. While it limits them, holes still form on the turf field, and it, too, needs maintenance to remain safe.

When the turf field is not usable, the grass soccer field is supposed to used by the soccer teams as a temporary replacement. This is especially important because next year, Bear Creek’s men’s and women’s soccer teams will both be playing in the winter, and they will not have room to all practice on the turf.

Because the soccer field will still be used, it must be taken care of. The district had planned on dragging a large pile of dirt across the field to fill in the many holes. However, this pile of dirt was left untouched until it became covered in weeds and no longer usable.

This pile of dirt is just a symbol of the district’s neglect towards the school’s sports field. These facilities are important to keep in good condition because if they aren’t as safe as possible, injuries can and will occur. It is the district’s responsibility, not the coaches of Bear Creek’s sports teams, to make sure that the school’s sports fields are well-maintained and are safe for players.