Frustrated Rant

David Hancock, Staff Writer

Dear parents, teachers, coaches, directors, friends, and bosses of the world;
On behalf of all the athletes, actors, and students of the world I feel compelled to directly ask you, our leaders, one simple question: When did it become a crime to have a life!?!? When did being busy become the cardinal sin of the world?!
There was a time when people who had a job, a family, a team, and a cast was respected by all for their dedication to each cause. Now any poor soul who finds himself in the misposition of being well rounded and talented in multiple areas becomes hated by all for not being dedicated to one cause and one alone. Because oh, how dare you go to your uncle’s wedding and miss rehearsal. And how dare you work when you’re supposed to help at the school dance. And how dare you miss a single rehearsal for another practice or visa versa! LAY OFF!!!
Yes, we get it, we’re supposed to take our responsibilities seriously. We get it, we have to make choices in life. We need to choose to value one thing above another. We get it, you’re jealous we didn’t choose you. Newsflash: IT’S NOT PERSONAL!!! Just because you’re not our number one priority every second of our lives doesn’t mean you mean nothing to us! Of course we care about you, you’re our family, our friends. And yes we want to be on the team and in the play. And yes Mr Bossman, we still want to work here. But again, I say, LAY THE HECK OFF!!! We are only overextended because all the commitments we have in our lives are all playing tug-of-war with us instead of understanding our position!
By teaching young adults that they only can have one commitment you are teaching them that they must either miss all of their future kid’s baseball games or be a stay at home soccer parent without a job. We are not programs, we are not robots, we are people! We are not one trick ponies and not programmed for one thing and one thing only. People are too talented, too diverse, too smart, and too ambitious for their world to revolve around you.
So, tyrants of the world, how about next time someone tell you that they are otherwise committed why don’t you try something new and just be cool about it and stop getting so butt hurt. You’re like a jealous boyfriend; stop hogging our time and let us see someone besides you. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about your show or team or whatever, it means we have a life. Get over it.

David Hancock