Knock, Knock

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

Knock Knock,
Who’s there?
No one

What’s Obama’s favorite music?
Barack and roll
When Obama was a baby what did his mom sing to him?
Barack a bye baby

What do you call a cow on the ground?
Ground beef

Why don’t you eat an unsharpened pencil?
There’s no point

What do you call a nice door?

I like milk it’s legenDAIRY

My friends ROCK and i will never take them for GRANITE

I wondered why the ball was getting bigger and bigger, then it hit me.

Hat puns
I’m thinking aHEAD

I eat lightbulbs cuz I’m pretty BRIGHT

I like old clocks because they come in HANDY

Why can’t you throw a phone?
It’s unCALLEDfor

What do you say when your shoe comes undone?
I’m a bit tongue-tied
You have no sole
I need to HEEL from these bad puns