Pencil Wands


Lily Tran, Staff Writer

2 pieces of paper
1 wood pencil
paint brushes
Mod Podge
hot glue gun

Step 1: Place the pencil at the edge of the paper and roll the paper around the pencil.
Step 2: Tape the edge to keep the paper in place and tape the paper to the pencil.
Step 3: Cut off excess and begin to stuff the hollow inside of the wand to prevent breaking and bending.
Step 4: After the wand is stuffed to the tip of it, fill in the end with hot glue.
Step 5: Continue to place hot glue around the paper and pencil. Create designs with the hot glue to add texture. Have fun with this step!
Step 6: Allow glue to dry. Mix paint and paint your wand. Let paint dry and cover wand in a few layers of paint, making sure to get into every crevice. To make a darker wand, mix black with brown. To make different kinds of brown, use different shades of brown paint. Optional: use colors like yellow/gold or silver to add accents to the wand on the parts that are hot glue.
Step 7: When paint is dry, use a sealer (Mod Podge) to protect the paint on the wand. Let sealer dry.
Step 8: Sharpen your pencil and cast a few charms and spells! Enjoy writing and magic with your DIY Wand Pencil!!!