School Survival Guide To: AP Classes

Giancarlo Lizarraga, Staff Writer

Those thirsting for a bit of adventure might try their hand at skydiving, motorbiking, or other thrill seeking activities, but there’s a free and easy fix available right here on the Bear Creek campus: Advanced Placement (AP) Classes.
A grueling task, these courses take the stresses of everyday classes and push them to their limits by requiring a rigorous amount of essay writing, article reading, and tests or quizzes you’re sure to fail.
Besides the notorious GPA boost, which colleges, parents, and students indulge in, AP classes provide a worthwhile experience that teaches its participants many skills useful in higher education.
Now, my grades haven’t been close to perfect, and this school year onward I don’t expect the straight A’s that were prominent in the earlier part of my life. This lack of confidence stems from me having all but one of my classes being AP.
Don’t let this assumption deter you dear readers from taking a chance on these types of classes because what matters most is the knowledge you’ll hopefully gain.
Rumor has it that the workload for AP classes is intense and hard to manage, and while true, most tasks aren’t the typical fill-in-the-blank worksheets some of us are used to. Instead teachers offer long-term assignments or ones that are never to be turned in, forcing to student to be accountable for studying and learning most of the material.
Assessments are rarely a walk in the park, but that doesn’t mean won’t fail every one. Your best bet is to not leave your scores up to chance and remember to study the concepts and information in advance, not the night before.
Better yet, make sure to understand the topics being explored in class through note taking, doing the homework, and getting help from your instructors and friends if needed.
Already there have been numerous mornings that I’ve woken up hours earlier than normal in order to finish up my duties and prepare for the arduous day ahead. It is my own sinful procrastination at fault, so please don’t copy this behavior if you value your sanity and sleep schedule.
AP classes may not be advantageous for all students at Bear Creek, but if you’re willing to take the leap I promise that the grief, pain, regret, trauma, tears, and death will be worth it in the end.