Past or Future?

Gabriella Backus, Staff Writer

Would you rather live in the past or the future?
The future intrigues some with fantasies, high tech gear, and new ideas we couldn’t dream of today, but others would prefer to visit the past, hoping to find solidarity in reliving awe-striking moments and compare our world to one of the past.
“I’d rather go to the past,” sophomore Sarah Bun said. “I’ve always wanted to know what’s it’s like to live in the past, like during medieval movies.”
“Past; I think it’d be fun to see the changes that have occurred since then,” junior Jordan Ota said.
“The past is better,” freshman Joseph Martinez said. “I wish I could live there. There were less things to worry about.”
Many students wish to return to a simpler time, and see the past as a land of opportunity. However the future can be utilized in the same manner.
“I’d want to go to the future,” sophomore Shaylee Murphey said. “There’s nothing I would want to change in the past. My mistakes got me to where I am now, and if I didn’t make those mistakes, I wouldn’t know what I know today. In the future, I can see what I’ve become, and if I’m not happy with it, then I can change myself now.”
“I’ll go to the future,” snior Linh Phan said.” I want to change things for good after seeing all the future’s problems.”