Relationship Rant

David Hancock, Staff Writer

Dear boys and girls of the world,
To be honest people, you don’t need a relationship. What? Did he just say that? Yes, I did and here’s why: You’re fine on your own!
Even the most desperate people can get by without being in a relationship. And really, if they’re really that desperate they could do without a relationship that’ll probably fail anyways. And if someone isn’t desperate then they obviously can be on their own. The psychological need for us to have a romantic partner in life is the bane of our existences. And who’s to blame? Society of course! (Oh God I’m a hipster)
Really though. Our society has drilled dependency on another man or woman into us from literally the time we are able to realize the difference between a man and woman. The first images many girls remember is her Barbie and Ken dolls or her Disney princesses. Most girls can get through this phase without being completely boy crazy, and most boys think girls have cooties anyways. And then comes puberty. It’s all downhill from there.
There comes a time in every kid’s life where they stop becoming sweet little kid’s and become the monsters society has named teenagers. With this transformation comes a rising level of mischief, general obnoxiousness, and bad decisions altogether. True, some teens are well behaved and obey the laws and their parents and the principle of common sense, but a vast majority of teens fall victim to love-sickness: the consuming, intense, and destructive search for love, often without consent to reason or logic.
I think that the moment we begin to look for a relationship is the moment we ruin it for us. Because our society and our parents and our friends all epitomize finding love and a relationship and whatever we begin to feel like we are a failure without it. We either feel sad and alone with ourselves or we look for love in the wrong places and get hurt over and over again in a vicious cycle. We “fall in love” with someone and make them our whole world only to be disappointed in them (because it is impossible to expect someone to fulfill all of our needs, they’re only human) and then we’re sad for a while and then we try to be on our own for a while and then we “fall in love” and it begins all over again. STOP THE MADNESS!!!
Honestly guys, love is beautiful. There’s nothing more beautiful in this entire universe than love. So don’t ruin it! You don’t need anyone else besides yourself, you were made too perfect to rely on someone else for self-fulfillment. But just because we don’t need love doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. The problem we as a society face regarding love is feeling that we need it, NOW! No guys, just wait a little bit.
You don’t need to fall in love in middle school or in high school or in college or even beyond that, but if love comes knocking on the door for goodness sakes let it in. Just make sure it actually is love at the door and not lust, or loneliness, or luxury, or whatever else you use to convince yourself that you’re in love. If it really is love, you’ll know it, and if it’s not love, don’t settle. Be happy with you first, and with someone else second.
From a fellow victim of love-sickness,
David Hancock