DIY: Pinata


Lily Tran, Feature Editor

Masking tape
Scissors or utility knife
Streamer or tissue paper
Candy (optional)

Step 1: Draw out design on cardboard.
Step 2: Cut out design. Make sure to make two of each design to make the front and back. Also cut out 2.5 inch strips of cardboard to form the sides.
Step 3: Tape the 2.5 inch strips to one side of the design all the way around.
Step 4: Once one side is completely taped, attach the other side to the 2.5 inch strip. Make sure to leave a flap to put candy in.
Step 5: Insert candy and then tape over the flap.
Step 6: Take the streamer and cut it up 3/4 of the way to make fringe.
Step 7: Put glue on the cardboard and use a paintbrush to spread it out. Place the streamer over the glue and decorate. Use different colors depending on your design!
Step 8: Finish decorating and add any other accessories to your pinata! To hang it up, punch two holes in the top before you decorate and get rope to tie it through. Have fun with your DIY pinata!
(I made a unicorn on a cloud. You can make letters or numbers or anything else using this method too!)