Rules Rant

David Hancock, Staff Writer

Dear tyrannical rule-makers,
I am frustrated, I am mad, I am angry, I AM ENRAGED!!! There is only one thing in this universe that makes me feel this way: STUPID RULES!
Now before you call me a dumb and rebellious teenager let me explain myself, then you can call me a dumb and rebellious teenager afterwards (don’t jump to conclusions people). I’ll admit it, we all need rules. Rules create order, create consistency, create peace. Most rules are made to help the greater good. But SOME RULES (subtweet detected) make absolutely no sense at all! None! Zero! ZILCH!!! SOME RULES are there simply to oppress and annoy us.
For example: It is against the rules for students to wear a hat when in a classroom. This rule is simple, concise, and to the point. It is an easy enough rule to follow, so most do. Most people don’t even wear hats, and the few that do have been conditioned to take them off in classrooms anyways so when a teacher asks them to remove their hat they either remove it or argue for seemingly no reason while the rest of the class rolls their eyes at the rule offender for wasting their time. People assume that the logical thing to do is to follow the no-hat rule and anyone who opposes it is stubborn and ignorant, but has anyone ever asked themselves why such a rule even exists or how does it affect anyone whether or not a student wears a hat in class? Has anyone ever asked, “WHY?”
In our rule-ruled society, people mindlessly obey the all-knowing, the all-mighty, the all-powerful concept of rules. We follow rules because we’ve been told all of our lives that it is the right thing to do. We follow the rules because it’s the easy thing to do. We follow the rules because to not do so would result in punishment for us. We’ve become a society that obeys without reason and we’ve fallen prey to the dangerous misconception that the rules are always right!
We’re only as smart as our stupidest belief, so if you honestly believe that it is wrong for a student to wear a hat in class you’re probably an idiot. There is absolutely no logical argument you could make to defend it! So all you rule-book nerds, let it go. All you stubborn teachers, let it go. Mindless automatons of the world, LET IT GO!
If you feel you’ve been called an idiot by me in this rant: sorry, but I’m not sorry. It’s not personal, but if you blindly follow rule without ever asking why then you are a complete idiot! And I feel really sorry for you because it’s dangerous to think like that. In Nazi Germany people were told to hate Jews and not go to their Jewish stores or sell their good to Jews and the majority of people followed it. They didn’t even really ask why! Sure, they were given some stupidly-racist reasons from the Nazis, but they didn’t ask why to that and instead just blindly followed the rules. I’m sorry if this scares you, but if you don’t look for a reason behind the rules you follow you and those around you may be in some serious trouble.
Now hopefully I’ve scared enough of you idiots into seeing my point. Don’t worry simpletons, there is a way to climb out of your hole of stupidity. Just THINK. It works. Trust me, I’ve done it before.
Heed caution my dear readers: If you use your beautiful mind and you too will see how stupid our world is, but you will also see how great it could be. If you ask questions and you will get an answer, and then you will be dissatisfied with the answer and be forced to write about your disappointment in a blog. Thus is my curse.
David Hancock