Class Retake #2

Serra Raquel, Entertainment Editor

Some students would choose to retake a class because of their teachers.
“I really liked my biology class. Ms. Fromm was a good teacher,” junior Joseph Leonard said.
Others experienced a lack of success due to certain teachers.
“I wish I had a different [Integrated Math II] teacher. I really didn’t learn much and ended up failing,” junior Nichole Vasquez said.
“I wish I had a different [Integrated Math I] teacher so I would have a stable ground for Integrated Math II this year,” sophomore Amanda Perez said.
“I wish I had a different teacher in pre-calc,” senior Josh Thao said.
“I wish I had a different [chemistry] teacher,” junior Jacob Alverson said.
Some students wish they had the opportunity to retake a class in order to improve.
“I wish I put more effort into studying and doing homework because I didn’t do those things,” junior Estefan Joseph said in regards to Integrated Math II.
“I just want a better grade in [conceptual physics],” junior Jamie Dennis said.