Guys ask Girls

Addanaya Binder, Staff Writer

What do they look for in guys? (personality & physically)
What pet peeves do they have? (What do they hate the most?)
Why do girls spend so much time/money on makeup?
What about guys make you nervous?
What qualities do you look for in a boyfriend?
Favorite hair style/type on men.
Preferable height of a guy?
First thing you’d do if you were a guy for a week.
What about a guy makes you smile the most?
1st thing you notice about a guy?
Worst Habit when you first meet a guy?

Aiyana Shelley, Sophomore
He has to be smart, funny, nice and polite. He has to play a sport and dress nice
I don’t like if they are clingy and obnoxious
To make ourselves look better, mainly for guys
Knowing that you like them and they might not like you back
Smart, funny, nice, and have shoe game
The haircut when it’s short around and long on top
Learn how to urinate
When you catch them staring
His face
When I sound all stupid and don’t know what I’m saying.

Rachel Gyman, Junior
In a guy, I look for someone who can make me laugh and who I can genuinely feel like myself when i’m around him.
When he acts oblivious to girls flirting with him.
Because we like to feel confident, we don’t just do it for guys.
Not knowing the outcome of any given situation.
Intelligent, Funny, Athletic, Caring
I like curly, tapered hair
Between 5’10 and 6’0
As a guy, I’d want to see just how it is for a guy to talk to a girl. Like is the interaction the same as it is for girls?
When guys are open with their feelings
A smile
I’m Fidgety & nervous

Chelsea No, Sophomore
Physically they have to be good looking and tall. Personality wise they have to be funny nice and romantic
I hate it when they think they know everything, like they know it all, but no they don’t
Because the more expensive the better, and so they can look pretty for ourselves and guys
If I like really like them, it just makes me nervous
My boyfriend would have to be mature, nice funny, have a good sense of humor, be tall, and be able to take a joke
Like in the middle of long and short.
Look at my body
When they smile, I smile because that makes me happy
Their height
I get shy, so I can’t say what I actually want to say.
What do they look for in a girl? (personality & physically)
Pet Peeves (What do they hate the most?)
Most attractive thing about a girl?
How would you celebrate your 1- year anniversary?
1st thing you notice about a girl?
What about yourself do you find the most pride in?
Have you ever cried over a movie?
What about a girl makes you smile the most?
Worst Habit when you first meet a girl?
First thing you’d do if you were a woman for a week.
Favorite hairstyle on a girl?
Preferable height?
What about girls makes you nervous?
Opinion on Bromance?
Which one would you rather have for the rest of your life :Money or Love?

Luis Hinojosa, Senior
Honestly, I like both but if I had to choose, I’d go for looks rather than personality.
When they complain about everything & when they take forever to get ready.
Her Face.
Go on a very nice dinner at Bubba Gumps. The oceans right there…totally romantic.
I’m most proud of my hair…it’s perfect.
NO! Never, I just don’t get emotionally attached, I mean I know it’s fake
When she’s happy.
I get nervous, and can’t speak because my mind goes blank.
This is a hard question, I don’t know what I’d do first. I mean I guess I’d try on makeup to see what and why girls put it on.
Wavy. Like right smack in the middle of curly and wavy.
Obviously shorter than me, so under 5’5
If I like them, I get nervous because then I feel like I can’t be myself around them,, because then maybe they won’t like me anymore.
You can talk to him about anything, he’s like a brother.
Depends on the price.

Ernesto Kuhl, Sophomore
I look for girls that give their own opinions.
What I hate the most is when there’s something wrong and they don’t want to tell you.
Her smile
I would go back to where we first met and have a picnic.
Like if their outgoing or not
I’m very athletic
No never.
Her laugh
I don’t have a worst habit, but I usually just ask them about themselves
I would try my best to find a genie so he could turn me back into a boy
I like when it’s curly
Not taller than me so under 5’5
I haven’t been nervous since elementary school, but i was nervous because they always wanted to be in a relationship without really getting to know you.
Bromance can only go so far, like there’s a line between friendship and “romance”
Love because i can manage with a little bit of money as long as i have love

Estafan Joseph, Junior
SHe has to pretty attractive, she has to be intelligent, and all around a good person.
I hate when girls wear a lot of makeup.
Her smile.
I’d take her to disneyland
Her personality
I’m a good student in school
Yeah I cried over Lion King
Just her being funny
I stutter a lot, or I just get hecka nervous
I’d probably just try and figure out why I’m a woman
I like curly hair
5’8, shorter than me
If they’re really pretty they make me nervous
I think It’s cool, I love it.
Love because money is materialistic and love is something that actually makes you happy.