Richard Henry Lee

Helen Le, Sports Editor

Richard Henry Lee. Why did his popularity spike up in this year’s APUSH classes?
When Ms. Blount mentioned Richard Henry Lee in class, multiple heads perked up in excitement. Never has there been a class so interested in a seemingly unimportant figure in history.
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Perhaps we are obsessed with Richard Henry Lee because he was unknown. Paul Revere was hammered into our minds in elementary and middle school, but did anybody mention Richard Henry Lee? Revere was known for the midnight ride that saved lives, but his famous quotation is actually incorrect. And does he really deserve cities named after him? Maybe. But why not Richard Henry Lee as well?
When we saw the APUSH vocabulary, we were thinking we’d write about Revere and aforementioned horse ride. We had to write about his famous depiction of the Boston Massacre, which had a few lines.
Richard Henry Lee? One small paragraph about how he proposed independence for our country.
And we never heard from him again! Are there any cities named after him? Is he even mentioned anywhere else? He’s even on the Forgotten Founders website!
Shockingly, the praise for Richard Henry Lee brought on a civil war among a number of students in the junior class. Fellow journalist Erin Baquiran fought for Paul Revere recognition, but fellow journalist Kylie Yamada, as shown by her Letter to the Dead, along with some other students, retaliated with Richard Henry Lee aggression.
“Everybody was being mean to him,” Baquiran said. “He was getting attacked. He should get some recognition because without him, RHL’s messages wouldn’t have come across.”
Many bystanders were prepared to munch on popcorn as they watched the war unfold. Jessa Itliong, witnessing the conflict from the front lines, said, “What happened? I came out here to have a good time.”
Other students are completely irritated by the sudden obsession with Richard Henry Lee.
“Why is there a sudden obsession with Richard Henry Lee in the first place?” Sophie Gilliland said.
The war eventually ended with a truce when Baquiran was shown a list of cities named after Paul Revere. She is now enlightened on Paul Revere’s popularity and Richard Henry Lee’s disproportionate lack of fame.
The peace treaty, named PAUL REVERE, STAY RHLEVANT ended the civil war on September 7th, 2016, and brought about the Reconstruction period. Perhaps this peace will last.
Until next time,
Lofi the Lemur