What building has the most stories

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

What building has the most stories?
The library
When God was trying to make the sky for the first time he BLUE it up
You know why people get “green with envy”?
Because they’re so gree(n)dy
Orange you glad I didn’t make another pun?
Bet you weren’t RED-Y for that one
Why was the colorblind man good/bad at English?
Because he could/nt white well.
What is a bros favorite cereal for breakfast?
Cinnamon Broast Crunch
I like computers cuz they’re just my TYPE
Ypu know why dogs are always so sad? Theyve had a ruff life
Fur real though
I need to PAWnder life
Ya know the story about Clifford the big red dog? Its a tall TAIL
I RED that book a lot
What is a bros favorite disney movie?
What gender are envelopes?
What kind of clothes do houses wear?
Why was the photo in jail?
It was framed
Why is water always so angry?
Because it always BOTTLES up its own feelings