Girls ask Guys

Helen Le, Sports Editor

Almost all of the boys and girls I profiled expressed curiosity regarding the other gender’s physical appearance (how they view themselves) and/or the reasons for such. Then again, it’s such a small sample size (there were only five questions and one answer to each) that I wouldn’t be able to accurately assess anything anyway. So for Friday’s amusement, I’ve compiled a list of the questions and the answers accordingly. Maybe you can draw something from them.
Keep in mind that I ask the questions and take in the answers myself, so that neither persons know who the answer or question is from. So, technically, they’re anonymous. Not even technically. They are anonymous, until now.
You get to read them as they will. Yay.
Senior Justin Ho, male, asked, “Why do you guys have such better handwriting than us?”
Junior Kimberly Hoang, female, replied, “First of all, there are plenty of guys out there who have nicer handwriting than some girls, including me. Girls don’t have necessarily better handwriting so, of course, to me, that is an absurd question.”
Even though we’re going on generalizations right now, I’m just going to start writing Ho’s eulogy. Might as well.
Oh, yeah. Here’s an explanation for that: all those years that men hunted with spears while women were on the loom? Of course our hands would be adjusted for more precise work.
Just kidding.
Sophomore Kaleb Callou Amor Dela Cruz, male, asked, “Why do girls try so hard to impress a guy or anyone for the matter? Is it self-serving or what?”
He referred to girls wearing makeup and wearing dresses on days of no special occasion.
Senior Linh Phan, female, answered, “I think it’s because we always want to look our best because it gives us a bit of confidence if we like how we look.”
And I think that should go for everyone, no? I think it’s pretty self-serving. Boosts our confidence and stuff. If we feel like makeup makes us prettier, then we wear it to be prettier. There’s not much to it besides the fact that we want to do it, so we do.
I guess sometimes there’s that special person that we want to impress. Sometimes it’s hot and dresses are the way to go. So, yeah.
Junior Thuy Bo, female, asked, “Do guys think what girls wear distract them from learning?”
Sophomore Anthony Phan said, “I don’t think so because from my point of view, learning comes first. Swag, money, yolo.”
Check out our dress code article in this week’s newspaper. (Sell out. Don’t mind me.) I think it’s a feature. Our new principal commented on dress code, too.
Junior Kayla Hale, female, inquired, “Do all boys feel it’s ‘attractive’ or ‘cool’ to sag their pants or to blast music in the hallways?” She mentioned some discomfort, or just plain irritation, from seeing that around the school. I forget.
Junior Mario Pedro, male, answered, “Only the ghetto ones or, like, for me, my pants are naturally loose. I’ve been pulling some badass girls from doing it, so it ain’t bad to me. Lots of guys do it to show off and act tough but it ain’t really that necessary.”
Yes to both, then: some boys do see sagging (since Pedro only addressed that part, apparently) as cool and attractive. Sorry to all the girls that don’t have any interest in that. Or to anyone, really. Sorry from the bottom of my saggy jeans. (I don’t, really, but, you know, comedic purposes?)
Freshman Jason Lopez asked, “How do you choose what you wear every single day?”
I’ll answer this myself, Lopez: by staying up all night and savagely tearing off an outfit every time I find the tiniest imperfection in it, then settling on some average shirt and a pair of jeans in the morning.
Junior Kelly Huynh replied, “I don’t know, I just look at my closet and think about what I feel like I wanna wear.”
Some girls plan what they wear in advance, usually the night before. I have some friends who do this for the entire week. Other girls, like me, who procrastinates in every walk of life, choose their outfit the morning of. Very fun when you’re running a bit late, but it’s okay.
Guys probably do the same. We’re all different, yet all the same. I mean, we all wear clothes, right? Right, guys?
Freshman Kayla Nguyen asked, “Why do boys care about brand names so much?”
Sophomore Huy Nguyen said, “Because there is like, a social standard for guys. If you have ‘fakes’ on, you will be perceived as not cool. It gives them a sense of being cool.”
Meanwhile, I thought it was because brand names indicated quality, literal manufacturing quality of material. As in, consistency.
Well, the more you learn. I think everyone has something to teach, including the underclassmen.
Thank you for tuning in. I think we’re trying to fix the comments or something. Well, comment something, anyway. Even if it’s not funny. I mean, I’m not funny, so we’re on even ground here.