President’s Message: State of the School address

Kyle Fry, Junior Class President

Teachers, parents, and fellow students of Bear Creek High School: Welcome to yet another great school year with many interesting times to be had. Whether you are a freshman eager to begin your future or a senior ready to live it, you will find that this semester and those following it will only amaze you more and more with each passing month.
Over the few years that I have been enrolled at this school, I have been constantly impressed by what it has to offer, especially how many different teachers have shaped my high school career and will shape yours as well, as long as you don’t take them for granted. These teachers are sometimes seen as unhelpful or are known for not caring about their students. It is common to hear students complain that a certain teacher did not prepare them for an AP test or are bluntly “bad teachers.” Yet what these students don’t realize is all the time that these teachers spend every day preparing and educating us for topics that we need to know in the future.
In addition to the time spent on us academically, many help us with extracurricular activities that we take for granted. Many schools don’t even have a golf or swimming coach, let alone teachers that commit themselves to these activities. During your time at this school, make sure to appreciate these teachers as they shape your tomorrow.
Not only do we have a large diversity in what teachers do on the campus, but we even have a large diversity of students at Bear Creek. The Lodi administrators are constantly impressed with our diversity, properly represented in the yearly International Rally in which those with ethnic similarities come together and unite the campus. As we make new friends it is important to remember that diversity is what keeps us individuals as well as shows our unity and tolerance. However, this unification and support is lacking in the many sports of the school year.
At Bear Creek students are able to compete over three seasons and in ten different sports. However, students commonly only show up to one or two football games a year without giving proper recognition to other sports. We are all one student body and should support each other in whatever we do, academically or athletically. Each one of you should make it your personal goal to attend at least three sporting events and support your fellow Bruins. Showing up and rooting for your sports teams, such as tennis or golf, means a lot to players and helps boost their confidence. Cheering on athletes is just one piece of the puzzle, for there are many freshmen starting their year without any ties to many people on campus.
As upper-classmen, it is our job to reach out to these young and brave students, as the seniors of my freshman year did for me. I still remember the names of those seniors that helped me integrate into the campus and feel one with the whole school. From Jay Halva to Vincent Grimaldi, there were many upperclassmen who reached out to me. Make sure that the freshmen will remember your name as one that improved their high school experience and made their year.
This is the school that we should all strive for — one in which we praise our teachers, unify with those different from us, support one another in all activities and reach out a hand for those looking for guidance. Though there are many other topics to be discussed, these three are among the most important to the ultimate goal of making Bear Creek as best as it can be. Together we will realize that every day is a great day to be a Bruin and continue to make Bear Creek great.