I’m a Republican and proud of it

Gwendolyn Poole, Staff Writer

Republicans are by any other name — well, let’s take a look at them.
I’ve heard homophobic, xenophobic, fascist, misogynistic, and most commonly racist, along with other foul words thrown at my fellow conservatives.
There are multiple reasons why people paint conservatives in this light.
“People aren’t going to change their opinions,” sophomore Grant Ferguson said. “But the biggest issue is that they’re being brainwashed by mainstream media to think everything we and Donald Trump say is horrible.”
Many young conservatives say they can’t even voice their opinions in public for fear of being associated with these labels.
“In my English class, whenever we do our editorials, people will always give me bad looks whenever I say something, and everything always has to be argued, even when I state a fact,” Ferguson said.
Many of us conservatives can agree that it gets frustrating when we try to talk to someone about a social or political topic and immediately everything we say is wrong or “racist.”
“I’m not a homophobe or a xenophobe and I’m definitely not a racist,” sophomore Taylor Pittman, who also identifies as a Republican, said. “I have friends that are different cultures and that are guys and girls.”
I find it extremely unintelligent when people resort to name-calling just because they don’t agree with everything we say.
You might not agree with what I have to say, but the United States Constitution gives me the right to say it.
Maybe instead of reverting to insults, people should listen to our messages and our stance because they might learn something.
Just because we don’t agree with gay marriage does not mean that we hate all gay people. Many Republicans identify with the Christian or Catholic faith, and therefore believe in the institution of marriage to be between one man and one woman.
Just because a majority of conservatives don’t agree with illegal immigrants coming into this country illegally does not mean we hate all immigrants. Additionally, allowing open borders to all races be them —Mexican, European, Middle Eastern, or anyone else — raises many issues involving security and economic stability.
Also, it’s insulting to every immigrant that went through the process of becoming a legal citizen to see others coming into America reaping the benefits of our Constitution without trying to become a citizen at all. These illegal immigrants say that they have rights, but in reality, the United States Constitution gives rights to American citizens. If someone is illegal, they are not a citizen and therefore do not have the same rights we are granted.
Donald Trump and now Republicans who support him have particularly been attacked for being reportedly misogynistic (showing hatred against women).
“Donald Trump supporters support anti-immigration, misogyny, and like everything bad,” former Bear Creek student Zoe Martinez posted on Twitter. “They’re all bad.”
Apparently I, a female, hate my own sex just because I support Trump. Good thing someone told me, because I would’ve never known.
And last, but definitely not least, just because the Republican Party is made out to be a party full of “old white men” does not mean all conservatives are racist. My brother and I are half Mexican, half White and when people say Republicans are racist, because apparently only white people can be, it sounds incredibly ignorant.
The next time people label someone as these hateful words, they should really think about how that ruins someone’s life to be labeled as such. Not only can a label like these ruin a person’s reputation but also their entire life.
Whatever the reason behind how we became affiliated with these horrible titles, it’s time to quit this intolerance and listen to the real message behind the Republican Party: America’s future should be left in the hands of its citizens, not its government.