Dress code? Ok. Double standard? Not okay

School is a professional environment, meant to prepare students for having a job and dressing the part. Girls aren’t supposed to wear short shorts, or tank tops, or short shirts, or open backed shirts, or ripped jeans. Boys aren’t supposed to sag.
Even attempting to wear those clothing items would be ludicrous and just plain cruel to the poor boys who see a girl’s shoulder and immediately are unable to focus on anything regarding their work, ultimately causing them to fail all their classes, to be rejected from all colleges, and dying after failing to live off of minimum wage.
There are some grey areas regarding the all-important dress codes, including rallies. Boys wear shirts with the sides cut out and extremely short shorts. Boys go shirtless in P.E. And thus the double standard of the dress code reveals itself.
Girls are given these restrictions, which eliminate school shopping at almost any store, and boys are skipped over. What about those people who get easily distracted by boys sagging? Is it less important if girls are distracted by boys or are they seen as being more mature and more in control of their teenage hormones?
Additionally, why does it matter if girls’ clothes distract guys? Girls shouldn’t have to dress differently simply because someone can’t handle tbeir legs or any other part of them.
We can live with the dress code, but when it starts to favor boys and punish girls its fairness is questionable.