The BRUIN way: lessons learned in kindergarten

Be prepared. Respect others. Understand diversity. Interact Positively. Never give up. Those are the lines of the BRUIN Way, Bear Creek’s new positivity slogan.
Though this is the first year of the BRUIN Way’s implementation, these ideas are not new; it seems like these five phrases have been repeated since birth, enough for Bear Creek students to learn.
However, one doesn’t have to look hard to see that this is not the case; Ruins are not hard to find among Bear Creek’s Bruins. In fact, at times they may outnumber the Bruins.
They’re everywhere; students who fight at lunch, students who don’t pay attention in class, students who still hold onto racial prejudices and other intolerances, students who use negative language with each other, and students who quit if a task is even slightly more difficult than they were prepared for.
Even though the BRUIN Way may seem cheesy and even excessive at first glance, in the end it seems more necessary than anything. Until students can accept these simple guideline and behave at school in a respectful way and willing and ready to learn, then it seems that positivity slogans like the BRUIN Way are necessary to improve the school environment.