Bucket List #2

Rachel Dinh-Lopez, Staff Writer

“I want to travel to Europe and Asia.” – freshman Kyro Carolino
“I want to graduate high school and be an honor student” – sophomore Christine Fabro
“I want to go spelunking” – junior Christian Reyes
“I would like to travel the world with my significant other.” – freshman Jazlyn Bo
“I want to bungee jump off the highest building in the world.” – senior Diamion Pursley
“I want to move to Atlanta and go to college.” – sophomore Trinity Mitchell
“I want to go to Spain and meet a guy.” – junior Juliana Ramos
“I want to pet a Tiger.” – freshman Kurt Delacruz
“I would like to go skydiving.” – freshman Laurenne Dominguez
“I want to sit in Paris and chill.” – senior Joshua Mozingo