Childhood Favorites

Jasmine Sripraseut, Staff Writer

Throughout our lives, we create moments and those moments turn into memories. There are bad memories that we want buried deep inside the back of our mind but there are also good memories. The ones that we love and cherish dearly. Moments during our childhood are where some favorite memories lie.

“My favorite childhood memory is when my sister was born. I was five years old at the time and at the hospital my dad let me hold her for five minutes till my hands got tired.” Sophomore Elijah Lee said.

“In 2004 I traveled to Vietnam the summer before kindergarten with my family to visit my grandma.” Senior Trisha Tran said. “ I remember being shocked being in a foreign country. Everything was so different. It was so humid that the restaurants gave you free hot towels.”

“During the trip, my family and I traveled to a small island near Vietnam to visit an Aquarium and we saw different types of exotic fishes and I got to feed the little shrimp there.” Tran said. “While in Vietnam, I’d go to the market with my mom everyday and buy soup in a bag and drink it out of it.”

“My favorite childhood memory was taking care of my nieces and nephews. And when I came to the U.S.” Sophomore Christine Fabro said. “I gained a new perspective on the world [from moving to the USA].”

“My favorite childhood memories were in kindergarten because I got to lots of new friends. I liked running around because I was the fastest!” Senior Jeron Lee said.