I have PDD

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

Hi guys, it’s Erin again! Throughout the past three weeks I have found something a little worrying. I have PDD. Post Disneyland Depression. I miss Disneyland. Their 60th anniversary celebration just ended two weeks ago and I missed it. I have been constantly watching Disney movies on repeat, and while doing homework I find myself listening to various disneyland soundtracks. Not the Disney movie soundtracks, the music you would listen to while walking around the Disneyland park, or even music from the rides. Currently the music from Splash Mountain is making me the most nostalgic.

Of course I miss California Adventure as well, but ever since they got rid of “Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular” and replaced it with “Frozen” and got rid of the Mad T Party, I have developed a small disdain for that part of the park. Despite this horrible decision on Disney’s part, I dearly miss Cars Land and the Red Trolley News Boys (and who would want to be one of them pshhh not me).

In Disneyland’s Fantasyland, I miss the music from the marching band and King Arthur’s Carousel. I miss the character interaction and the fun jokes that are made. I miss the small rides on a hot day, bringing you into a new air conditioned world. I miss Mickey and the Magical Map and the great music and choreography that arose from it (and I totally don’t know all of the lyrics and choreography from it, why would you accuse me of something so weird and childish?).

In ToonTown, I miss Mickey and Minnie and the small fun activities that were included in that part of the park. I miss the gags and noises from the interactive points of the park and the “tooniness” of all of the buildings. I miss Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin and all of the small but important details in it, even the queue.

In Tomorrowland, I miss Space Mountain and I miss taking tours across the galaxy in Star Tours. I miss seeing little kids fight off Darth Vader and Kylo Ren during their Jedi training. I miss Chewbacca’s fuzzy, warm hugs that he would give right when he saw you. I miss the pasta I would eat in the restaurant while my siblings and I waited for our Space Mountain fastpass return time to come. Blasting Zerg and becoming the best shooting “Space Ranger” was one of the most fun ways to compete with my whole family.

In Frontierland, I miss the smell of enchiladas that my mom would always buy before my siblings and I ran onto Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I miss the goat from that roller coaster and his dynamite attitude.

In Adventureland, I miss the endless string of puns from the Jungle Cruise. I miss the adventure from the Indiana Jones ride and my little sister pretending she can drive in the dangerous situations. I miss the catchy tunes from the birds in the Tiki Room. I miss the sounds and music that are played throughout Tarzan’s playhouse (and “You’ll Be in my Heart” definitely does not drive me to tears… what?).
In New Orleans Square, I miss the clam chowder that i would eat every time i passed that area. I miss the Mark Twain boat and all the “Princess and the Frog” characters that visit. I miss Haunted Mansion (but I do not miss the fact that my little sister was deathly scared of it). I miss Splash Mountain and the music that would be stuck in your head for your whole day and when you get up from a giant log soaking wet from all of the rides’ drops.

I miss the drawbridge to the castle, I miss Main Street’s Dapper Dans, I miss the ducks that would casually walk around the park, I miss the buses and the honks of the car that would drive around Main Street. I miss the games of musical chairs that the Mad Hatter and Alice would play with the little kids. Seeing the light above the fire station that represents Walt Disney’s presence in the park is another thing I will miss.
The 60th Diamond Celebration was a great part of Disneyland when I went. I will miss the Paint the Night Parade and the Disneyland Forever firework show most of all, with the bright lights and projections on the walls of the stores. I miss every little thing about Disneyland, if you couldn’t tell.

Despite my self-diagnosed PDD, not being able to be in Disneyland gives me something to look forward to. Everyday you go through is a day closer to going to Disney!