Advice for being an adult

Marino Dominguez, Staff Writer

Within the next few years, many of high schoolers will be faced with a huge predicament: we have to be grown, fully aware adults in this pressured society. Many teens fear this upcoming time in their life, and nervousness takes center stage in our amphitheater of emotions. But there are people and tips to guide the lost young adult along a proven path. Firstly, go do something: get a job, do your homework or get your college stuff together. This is where many fall into a cycle-type system, in which they think the longer they stay on their parent’s couch the better off they are for the future. Secondly, get an education. Stay in school, go to a college or trade school, and stay focused. In today’s standards, college education is almost a necessity to getting decent job in our work world. Lastly, be prepared for everything. Life isn’t easy, and there aren’t usually second chances in the real world. Just remember, YOU CAN DO IT!