I like France Eiffel in love with it

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

I like France Eiffel in love with it.

What is a bros favorite (non-vegan) food for dinner?
Broast beef

What did the mom say to the son who was eating his corn too loudly?

When you die you must have been in GRAVE danger

What is a bro’s favorite genre of music?
Rock and broll

Why did the group people jump off of the dock?
They gave into PIER pressure

What do bro’s have to structure their bodies?

Why don’t you feed a child when they reach the age of nine?
Because they already eight (ate)

How do you propose to a bird?
You put a WING on it

I love breakfast puns:
They’re EGG-celent

How do you buy a water bottles?
You hydroflASK for it

What do bro’s use to clean the house?


Why do conductors have to go to a special school?
They have to be TRAINed