Childhood Favorites #2

Joshua Simas, Staff Writer

Remember those little foam toys that came in the packages with the instructions on the back, you would take them out and set them in a tub or sink and fill it up with water, then by morning it would be a full grown whatever it was you had your parents buy. Everybody remembers that favorite toy they had, that favorite show we had to get home to, the stuffed animals we had to sleep with when bedtime came around.

These objects that we used to hold so dear have since drifted off into our basements or even given away to someone else, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t remember them fondly.

Childhood was like a never ending staircase with each floor having something new on it, as children our curiosity would flourish in these objects and ideas that were once foreign to our minds.

Now we’re grown, not fully, but nearly and all that curiosity has turned into knowledge, and to be truthful, not much surprises us anymore. All we have is the memory of awe that once consumed our lives.

“Reese’s Cups always remind me of being a kid,” says Sophomore Alex Cortez when asked what memory or object makes him think of his childhood. It’s always something like a favorite toy or memory of something that we associate things in life with today, because childhood was a really big learning stage in life.

Within this stage in our lives we learned and participated in many things “ when I was little I used to play basketball, football, and soccer,” Sophomore Mansour Sagna says. It seems odd how back when we were children we would participate in so many more things than we do now, perhaps it’s because it was easier to interact back then, now you might walk the halls of the school and say hi to someone without even getting a response out of them.

It’s weird how maturity can make you more seclusive when it was so simple back then, maybe instead of staying silent when greeted or turning hostile if talked to we should get back to the basics “hello, how are you,” then in response “fine, thank you.”
This probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone but if you’re like me, someone who wants to be pulled from this awkward atmosphere, then say hello.