Bucket List #4

Sandra Sunio, Staff Writer

Bucket lists are lists of things people want to do or achieve before they die. Things are checked off constantly, but things are also added constantly. It may consist of easy tasks, such as trying new food, or almost impossible tasks, such as kissing Megan Fox. Some people go the distance to complete their bucket lists while some may lay back and let life happen on its own.

Sophomore Xujene Smith shares her top ten goals on her bucket list.

Graduate and be able to attend college
Be happy
Be able to travel where I want
Help people while traveling
Change people’s lives and let people know I was here
Be able to photograph and model like I really want
To love
I hope to be a lead speaker/leader for LGBTQ+ rights and POC rights
I want to be able to meet everyone that has changed me to be the person I am
I hope that I am actually able to do all these things [on my bucket list]