School Survival Guide To: Time Management

Sophie Gilliland, Online Editor-in-Chief

The end is near: sleep-deprived students scramble to finish their work, children are crying, women are screaming, keys are being punched frantically, your teacher laughs in your face while telling you no, you can’t print out your essay in class.

This may sound a little bit like an infomercial, but believe it or not there is a way to avoid this melodramatic scenario. Students have the tendency to ruin their lives because they don’t want to work and they procrastinate.

The word is filled with a sense of dread and incompetency and, make no mistake, this habit is your enemy. Avoid the stress of last minute essays and the dread of going to school after spending the whole night doing last minute homework with this new and improved product: time management.

Of course it’s hard to be motivated to do everything in a reasonable amount of time, but maybe I can give you some tips. All work and no play makes people upset, but it can be beneficial. If you do all your work as soon as possible, you’ll have more time to relax later and you won’t have to deal with the stress.

Don’t worry about things being absolutely perfect and don’t leave things to your Future Self. Future Self hates you, they regret so many things from your present self,
don’t do this to Future Self because they usually are no better than your present self.

Things don’t need to be like this. With time management, you can live a full life with less regrets and stress.

I’ll admit I’m not perfect either. I am sometimes caught procrastinating. We need to all show some willpower, make our teachers proud, and avoid the procrastinator’s apocalypse.

Spread things out if you need to, take a short break in the middle of doing your work and then get back to work, accept some responsibility, work through the pain, don’t make Future Self hate you even more.