I Hate Politics

David Hancock, Staff Writer

Dear unfortunate Americans,

In February I registered to vote. My birthday is October 29, and voting day wasn’t until November, yet there I was, registering to vote 8 months before I needed to. I was so excited, so proud, and so happy to be finally be old enough to vote. I vowed I would be diligent and persistent, that I would closely follow all of the candidates and the news in politics, and that I would vote with pride and certainty and help to change the course of America and the world!

I was so young, so foolish, so naïve. I know better now.

Unless you have literally been living under a rock for the past few months, you are aware of the cluster-truck that is the 2016 presidential election. I don’t want to get into it too much because I know it’s social suicide to have opinions nowadays, but it’s pretty safe to say that no one is happy with their choices this election. To be honest, I’ve broken my vows to stay involved in the presidential race, not because I’ve stopped caring or stopped trying, but because everything is scandal this and scandal that and emails and tax records and grabbing and rigging and it’s just too much negativity for me to handle. Both candidates don’t even try to convince the voters that they are qualified or have any positive qualities. The bases of both their campaigns are that they aren’t the other one. Does anyone besides me see how wrong that is!

Last week I received my sample ballot in the mail. Being young and foolish, I was actually excited. Then I opened it.

Firstly, it is the same paper and font as benchmark and AP tests, so before I even read any of the material, I was already feeling terrible. It felt like a test. A test that I didn’t study for. A test with no right answers. So already I was feeling anxious and confused and disappointed, and then I started reading.

Not a lot of people seem to realize this, but on November 8 we vote for a lot more than just who will be president. Theres also voting for the Senate, House of Representative, Mayor, City Council, council this, council that, chief of blah, secretary of blah, and so on. I haven’t even heard of most the positions I was supposed to be electing people to! I have never even heard of like 90% of the names on the ballot, and I was supposed to trust them with running my city, my state, and my country? And I’ve been trying to stay informed! How is it that I am on the same level as people who don’t even care who’s elected to anything?!? Am I just a failure as a voter, or is something wrong with the system when we don’t know anything about most of our candidates? The only fact I knew about most of the candidates was the party they ran for because that was actually on the ballot. Was that supposed to be enough for me? It’s sad that America is so divided that they will just blindly elect someone because of their allegiance to a party and not even look at the candidate themselves.

So after I got through the pages of names I’ve never heard of, I got to the pages of propositions I’ve never heard of. This was the worst part of the ballot. I am amazed at how something can be so confusing, so specific, and so unclear at the same time. I don’t know if lawmakers actually speak like that or if they are trying to confuse voters, but either way, I was lost. If the proposition was about putting a tax on something, I had to read it about 15 times over and still could only guess who or what was being taxed and where the money was going, which is kind of important to know before one approves or rejects a tax. The propositions that weren’t about a tax were a bit more clear, but still way more complicated than they needed to be and a lot of times were just stupid things to be voting on anyways! There was literally a proposition that was attempting to make it a law to wear a condom while filming porn. First of all, gross!!! And second of all, I don’t wanna know that! And thirdly, why does this need to be in a ballot! Just handle it yourselves, you incompetent perverts. Not every issue has to be settled with a new law and a new proposition and a new annoying ballot, you can handle things yourselves! And to be honest guys, people will still break the law anyways.

I will admit, the pages in the back where they tried to explain each proposition helped out alot. They explained the pros and cons of each proposition, but it was hard for me to really believe all that was being said. I feel bad saying it, but this election has given me serious trust issues with the leaders of our country. Everyone lies. The media, the politicians, the internet, Twitter, all have lied before and all will lie again so it’s hard for me to believe that they aren’t lying to me now. There is a huge, huge problem when a young and hopeful voter can be so discouraged by an election that they can’t even believe the words on the ballot. The ballot! It’s supposed to be better than this. We’re supposed to be able to trust the leaders of our country.

I hate this election. I hate the negativity, I hate the deflecting, and I HATE THE LIES!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate lying. So much. I firmly believe that there is no reason to lie, ever. Yet, our politicians do it so often that we hardly even notice it anymore. They lie repeatedly and they lie casually! They act like lying to the American voters is no big deal, like it’s ok! It’s supposed to be better.

David Hancock