Dear George Washington

Jasmine Sripraseut, Staff Writer

People are born every second around the world and just as one is born, one dies. Though death means the end of life for the person who passed, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wiped completely off the earth. They’re still remembered by the people who loved them. They’re still remembered by the legacies they left behind.

Dear George Washington,
How are today? I have a question for you, our dear first president. How did you manage to lead and help build a country while going against an entire empire that was bigger than you by ten folds? Weren’t you scared? If I was you, I’m not too sure that I would have done the same. If I wasn’t the leader, I would still help rally up people to take a stand but I could never lead it. I’d be too scared to start a revolution.

I really admire your courage and ability to get things done. I love your perseverance to be honest. I wish I had those traits too. I think one of the most valuable things someone can have is perseverance and passion. I’ve heard from many successful people who started from the bottom that those two main traits helped them achieve their dreams. I’d like to do the same. But I can’t do that yet because I don’t have a dream at the moment.

I have no passions and my perseverance is weak. But you’re not like that at all! Even though you lost more battles than won in your life, that didn’t stop you from fighting on and becoming one of the founding fathers, build a country, and go out to battle not knowing if you were going to live or die. Your perseverance is really remarkable. Maybe that’s why the United States glorifies the founding fathers and you. I also want to ask you one more thing before I end this letter! What is your opinion on the government and society in the United States? I am really curious on your views on how the U.S. has been ran since you passed. I know for a fact you probably never imagined it to be what it is in 2016 with the two main candidates running for president. It’s quite a Jam, yes? But this country has faced tighter jams before like in the gilded age when the government and police force were completely corrupted. I’m sure we’ll be able to persevere and get the government back into place. It’s about time we had a reform the government and society again, don’t you think?

Sincerely, Jasmine Sripraseut