Stockmarket street fair features local vendors


Chloe Johnson, Staff Writer

Live music is blaring. People of all ages, races, styles and backgrounds crowd around tents and tables overflowing with handmade products. No one seems the least bit worried about the weather or the time. The Stockmarket street fair is a local gem that is overlooked by many Stockton residents.
The event, held once a month, originated in the spring of 2015 with a simple question. How can local vendors and entrepreneurs reach a wider audience? Amy Sieffert, Stockton-born entrepreneur and Stockmarket founder, had the answer.

“Stockmarket was created to be a platform for local, creative, small businesses to connect with new customers,” Sieffert said. “It’s really expensive, really hard to open a store. I used to be a vendor, so I know.”

From handmade dog toys to cactus arrangements, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Multicultural food trucks line the Miracle Mile, where the event is held, and live bands play music for the whole family. Teenagers stop in at vintage clothing booths and get henna tattoos.
“[We wanted] to give people in Stockton something to do, somewhere to go that was fun, just to hang out,” Sieffert said. “You can bring your kids, you can bring your dog, the older generation comes out … just community involvement.”

That’s a goal that they’ve certainly accomplished. The typically tame Miracle Mile bustles with life, bringing business to local stores and restaurants from customers as far away as Oakland and Sacramento.

“We wanted to try to change the perception of Stockton for people who live here and outside,” Sieffert said. In a city where “I hate it here” is a common phrase, events like this are always helpful in promoting a positive attitude in the community.

The last two Stockmar-kets of 2016 will take place on November 19 and December 10, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Pacific Avenue. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this hub of art, outreach and community.