What is the strongest element?

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

What is the strongest element?

Why does the ocean get stressed?
CURRENT events

Why can’t you play cards with big cats?
They’re CHEETAHS and you always catch them LION

Bee puns
I don’t think puns like this should BEE allowed
HIVE gotta make better ones
Sorry HONEY I guess these aren’t working out

I got roasted by a bee once, it really STUNG

Why do runners always get lost?
Because no one can keep TRACK of them

What do you eat in a muddy jungle?

My door puns make people hinge

What do people who play musical instruments wear?

What do you call a tree that doesn’t grow tall?

Why can’t you talk about sensitive topics with guns?
They get triggered

What did the flag and the ocean say to each other?
Nothing they just WAVEd

Why do circles make the best students?
They’re well-rounded