Bucket List #5

Serra Raquel, Entertainment Editor

“I want to travel to New York,” freshman Araceli Torrez said.

“My goal is to become a lawyer because my father is in prison and I want to get him out,” junior Alexlla Rosales said.

“I want to start a family and be a good dad,” junior Jacob Alverson said.

“I want to pet a zebra,” freshman Zilvana Ibarra said.

“I need to pass school,” junior Patrick Ryan said.

“I want to live in at least three different states,” senior Kylee Luitze senior.

“I would like to have a son and name him after Luke Skywalker,” junior Robert Reyna said.

“I want to go to Japan,” junior Nick To said.

“I want to learn American Sign Language,” senior Shawndra Ramjattan said.