How do you survive in school?

Adannaya Binder, Staff Writer

Noah Rojas, Sophomore

-In class i use my time wisely, and i’m always working.
-My advice to others is to always ask for help and to go to tutoring.
-In order to remember things, I reread and rewrite everything I need to know, until I memorize it.
-I study for about 30 min-1 hr when I get home, that is what makes me a straight A student.
– Finally I’d just say, like to never give up and ask for help. No reason to be afraid to ask for help.

Harinder Grewal, Senior

-I spend my time working hard.
-My advice to others would be to work hard and pay attention in class.
-In order to remember, I think you should study like right before you go to sleep and that’ll help.
-When I study I usually listen to music. Like calm music, preferably Indian music helps me.
– Honestly I think you should be good to your teachers, basically be a suck- up.

Samreen Chima, Junior

-Working hard because I care about my grades
-You should study, practice, get your work done, and go to tutoring
-To remember, you should write it down, make flash cards, or notes.
-I usually study for about 30 minutes to an hour.