Dear Donald Trump

David Hancock, Staff Writer

Dear Donald Trump,

Well, you won. Congratulations! I don’t think anyone thought you could do it, even those who supported you. You’ve beaten the polls, beaten the media, beaten those within your own party, beaten the party in power, and beaten everyone who said that you can’t. Despite how I feel about you as a person, I really respect that.

I respect that you never gave up, that you believed. I respect that you had a dream and that you worked hard and you achieved it. That’s the American way, the American dream. Even though most people don’t share your dream or your views, I respect you for trying, and winning. Not saying I want to be like you, but you’ve honestly inspired me. Not because of your political views or plans, but because you won when it seemed like the whole world was against you.

Gosh, that’s so weird to think. President Donald Trump. Weird. I’ll be honest, I thought you were kidding at first. You’re just the last person we’d ever expect to become president, yet, you will be in a couple months. I hope you’re ready. I know you’ve run a successful business for all your adult life, but a country is a lot bigger. And you’re not the boss anymore, you’re the president.

I’m also a president (of Bear Creek Comedy Sportz, but still a president nonetheless), and let me just tell you, it kinda sucks. I’m not the boss. I can’t just say “You’re fired!” when someone disagrees with me, I have to listen to their opinions and views and form a compromise. I know you have a lot of crazy plans — the wall, stopping trade, forcing other nations to pay us for protection — but you probably aren’t going to get any of that. You might get stronger border control, you might get a few criminal illegal immigrants deported, you might get some tariffs, but you won’t get it all.

I think that’s good. I don’t think anyone should get everything they want, especially in leadership. No matter who’s in charge, there will always be another side that disagrees. And both will be 100% positive that they are right and that there is no other way, yet the simple fact that there’s another side is proof that maybe your views aren’t as clear to other people as they are to you. No matter who you are, your “beliefs” are actually just biases.

I don’t think bias is a bad thing. We’re all biased, it’s just a fact. Our biases are what make us who we are. Yes, sometimes biases are selfish and short-sided, but that’s only from your point of view. The other side thinks you’re just as dumb and selfish as you think they are. Bias is good as long as we understand that we all have them. We’re all biased! It’s not just the other side, it’s yours too. Embrace it, own it, then use it to fight as hard as you can for what you believe and everyone else will do the same, and after long and hard debates we will (hopefully) come out with a compromise where everyone’s voice is heard.

Speaking of voices being heard, minorities hate you, Mr. Trump. They hate you because of the things you say and have said about them. They hate you because you said “bad hombres.” They hate you because you’ve been investigated in the past for discriminating in your properties. They hate you because you think it’s okay to grab women by the cat because you’re a celebrity. And also they hate you because you’re white.

It’s weird how people accuse you of being insensitive to others and then discriminate against you and those who support you. I’ve heard, “You voted for Donald Trump so you’re racist.” so many times it’s ridiculous. Or worse, “You voted for Trump so you betrayed your race/gender/sexual orientation.” I don’t think that’s true at all, and I hate the hypocrisy in statements such as that. People can vote for whomever they want. You may disagree, but that’s never a reason to assume a whole group has to support this because the majority of the group does. No two people are the same, and Americans need to stop forcing people to conform to their own mindset. And please, please, stop the name-calling. There are no ultimatums, no absolute truths, no “right” way in politics; and there doesn’t have to be! Be together, not the same.

There’s never a reason to judge a whole group because of a few radicals. Yeah, white supremacists voted for Trump, duh; but that doesn’t mean everyone who voted for Trump is a white supremacist. And some radical muslims become terrorists, but that doesn’t mean all muslims are terrorists! All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. To assume you know a whole group of people based on a few or even a majority doesn’t mean anything. We’re all different, so you can’t judge anyone until you actually know them personally.

Generalizing is the worst plague on our society. Whether it’s hating all people of a certain race or hating all people of a certain mindset, generalizing is a disease. It prevents people from actually seeing each other and only seeing the demons they’ve drawn in their own heads. Both side should just give each other a chance.

That’s what I’m giving you, Mr. Trump: a chance. If you do stupid stuff I’ll totally call you out on it, but until then I’ll follow you. I just hope the rest of the disappointed Americans are going to give you a chance too. Lot’s of people hate you, Donald. You have a lot to prove to them. They believe you will be the worst president in history and you will undo all the social progress we have made and that you will plunge our country into chaos. I just want you to do what you do best: Prove them wrong.

Good luck (you’re gonna need it),
David Hancock